Field hockey is one of the oldest in team games. Discovered in the VI century. Games like grass hockey, Chakunoba and Chorola have been played in Georgia since time immemorial. In its modern form it developed in the second half of the nineteenth century. It was during this period (1861) that the first club in England was formed. The London Field Hockey Association was founded in 1971 and published the first rules of grass hockey in 1875. By the end of the 19th century, grass hockey had spread beyond the borders of Great Britain and slowly spread to Europe. Soon grass hockey penetrated all the other continents. Became especially popular in the Asian dominions of Old England. The Georgian folk species "Chakun" was played in Georgia in the 8th and 9th centuries in both western and eastern Georgia, and was especially popular in Guria, where both men and women participated in the game. The name Chakuni was the name of a bent stick which also became the name of the game. To play the hammer, the ball was made of beef fur, soaked in warm water and spun (rotated) in the hand until it was the required size and shape, and then dried in the sun, resulting in a well-stretched ball. Shots. There are reports that a wooden ball was rarely used during the game. While playing on a trial field with a length of 200 to 500 meters and a number of 20 to 40 participants. Neither the time of the game nor the number of balls scored was limited, the game continued until the players voluntarily stopped playing. The first field hockey team in Georgia was established in Kutaisi on December 3, 1973, on the basis of the sports society "Locomotive". The leader of this case was Teimuraz Archaia, the supporter - Nodar Zivzivadze (chairman of the sports club "Tbomavli"). The following year, training groups were opened in Tbilisi and Batumi, and in 1974, the first championship of Georgia and the men's cup were held. "Gantiadi" Batumi won the championship, "Lokomotiv" Kutaisi won the cup. In the same year, Kutaisi hockey players won the tournaments in Yerevan and Baku and the qualifying competition for the I League of the USSR Championship. The teams of Batumi and Tbilisi Army Sports Club also played in this league at different times. The first women's groups were opened in 1979 - the women's team of Batumi "Gantiadi" (coach - Zurab Mzhavia) played in the USSR I League for 2 years, and then was replaced by "Feykar" of Kutaisi (coach - Avtandil Tevdoradze). Kutaisi girls won the Union Youth Championship in 1988. Hockey teams were formed in Chokhatauri and Lanchkhuti. In 1985, the first artificial turf field in the Transcaucasia was organized on the territory of Kutaisi Central Stadium. In 1992, the first specialized field hockey school was established in Kutaisi, the training groups of which were opened in Tskaltubo and Samtredia. In different years, Georgian hockey players have played in international tournaments in Poland, Spain, Austria, Iran, qualifying competitions for Central and Eastern European championships. Georgian Field Hockey Federation. Founded on February 12, 1988. Member of the International Field Hockey Federation (FIH) since 1996. Presidents: Revaz Robakidze (1988-96), Teimuraz Archaia (1996-2004), Giorgi Charkviani (since 2004). Konstantine Archaia (2006-2012), Avtandil Tevdoradze (since 2012).

Season 2022
# T G P
1 Tbilisi 4 20
2 Kutaisi 4 15
3 Abasha 4 11
4 Adjara 4 5
5 Abasha team 2 (men) 4 4